Troubleshoot Confluence + Hugo

This article will describe a number of common causes for Confluence issues, and how to resolve them yourself.

Common causes for errors:

Application uninstalled in Confluence Settings:

  • If your Confluence administrator uninstalls Hugo in Confluence settings, this can cause errors in Hugo as the credentials have been invalidated.
  • Click here for instructions on how to re-install Hugo in Confluence.

Application was not installed by a user with Site Access in Confluence:

  • Ensure that the user who installs Hugo in Confluence, is a member of the administrator group in Atlassian user settings.
  • See here for Atlassian instructions.

Confluence FAQ:

If I update a Hugo note after it has been saved, will my Confluence page update?

  • Hugo will not edit any pages in your Confluence account after they have been sent.
  • Therefore pages that are created by Hugo will remain unchanged even if you edit the note afterwards.

If I delete a Hugo note, what happens to the Confluence page?

  • Hugo will not delete any data from your Confluence account, it will only send pages to Confluence from your Hugo notes.
  • Therefore pages will remain in Confluence even if the note that created them has been deleted.
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