Meetings are missing from Hugo

This article will describe a number of common causes for missing meetings, and how to resolve them yourself.

Click here for information on how and why Hugo requires access to your calendar data.

Potential causes and solutions for missing meetings:

  • Your additional or shared calendars have not been enabled yet: If you have multiple calendars associated with your email account, go to Settings > Profile to add additional calendars to your primary one. 
  • You must be an attendee of the meeting: For team privacy, your Meetings page will only contain meetings that you are an attendee of. If you are not an attendee, ask the organizer to invite you and the meeting will shortly show up in Hugo.
  • The meeting was deleted/canceled from your calendar: If a meeting has been canceled/deleted from your calendar (by yourself or the organizer), it will be removed from your Hugo account. Click here to see a list of scenarios where Hugo will retain your data even if it is deleted from your calendar.
  • Your Hugo account was created under a different email to the calendar that you're using: Hugo will only load meetings from the calendar of the email account you used when signing up/creating an account. If you are being invited as an attendee under an email address that differs from that of your Hugo account, it will not show up in your account. 
  • You have more than one company email address: If you have multiple email addresses within the same company account/domain, your meeting attendee email may be different to the one that was used to sign up. This can be fixed by merging your contact information
  • Your company email address has been updated: If your company email address (within the same domain) has been updated, your meetings associated with the new email will not show up in Hugo. For example: to To resolve this, you will need to merge your contact information to reflect the new email. 
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