What happens when a meeting is updated or deleted in my calendar?

Hugo documents are linked with an associated calendar event ID. This allows teams to keep notes better organized. Here are a couple of scenarios for when calendar events are changed:

When you are not the meeting organizer

  • If the meeting organizer changes the event time, the meeting document will remain attached to that meeting at the new time.
  • If the meeting organizer deletes the calendar event saved docs (and all associated data) is still retained here, in Team docs.
    • Meeting documents only in draft state will be lost
  • If the meeting organizer changes the repeat settings, your email provider will create a new event ID but all saved docs (and all associated data) is still retained here, in Team docs.

When you are the meeting organizer

  • If you choose to delete the meeting from Hugo yourself, the meeting and all associated docs will be deleted. 

Because Hugo uses your calendar data to organize all of your meeting docs, it is critical that meeting changes are reflected as quickly as possible in the product. Meetings that are created, edited, canceled, or updated in your calendar should be reflected in Hugo instantly or upon page refresh. The following data from your calendar will be reflected in Hugo:

  • Adding new meetings
  • Updating the title of meetings
  • Updating date or time of meetings
  • Updating the attendee list of meetings
  • Removing deleted/canceled meetings

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