Troubleshoot Salesforce + Hugo

This article will describe a number of common cause for Salesforce issues and how to resolve them yourself.

Common causes for errors:

1. You Salesforce plan does not allow or has not enabled 3rd party API access

  • According to this Salesforce page, only certain plans allow customers to use the Salesforce API for data to communicate between their Salesforce account and 3rd party services like Hugo.
  • Ensure that your plan supports 3rd party API's
  • Read here for instructions on how to enable API access in your account

2. Invalid API or revoked API access

  • When connecting Salesforce and Hugo, unique credentials allow Hugo to request/send data to/from your Salesforce account. Sometimes these credentials can become invalidated.
    To resolve, visit Hugo > Settings > Apps > Salesforce, click Disable Salesforce and then re-enable.

3. You need to configure Hugo to use the correct field for notes

  • Salesforce supports two different fields for notes - The Notes (most common for Lightning accounts) and Notes & Attachments (most common for Classic accounts) fields
  • This requires Hugo to use a different API endpoint depending on which field is used in your Salesforce account
  • If you are using the Notes & Attachments field, visit Hugo > Settings > Apps > Salesforce and check the box Support Salesforce Classic. Disable this checkbox if you use the Notes field.

4. Maximum number of API requests reached within a 24hr period

  • In addition to Salesforce enforcing 3rd party API access for certain tiers, they also enforce different thresholds in those tiers for the number of API requests that can be made against a customer account within a 24hr period
  • Speak to your Salesforce account manager to increase your API limit

Common questions about Salesforce:

If I update a Hugo note after it has been saved, will my Salesforce note update?

  • Hugo will not edit any notes in your Salesforce account after they have been sent.
  • Therefore notes that are created by Hugo will remain unchanged in Salesforce, even if you edit the note in Hugo afterwards.

If I delete a Hugo note, what happens to the note sent to Salesforce?

  • Hugo will not delete any data from your Salesforce account, it will only send notes to Salesforce from your Hugo notes.
  • Therefore notes will remain in Salesforce even if the note that created them has been deleted from Hugo.

Why is Hugo not auto-syncing my notes with Salesforce?

  • When you enable auto-create notes in your Salesforce settings, Hugo will check for a match between meeting attendees and Salesforce contacts, each time you create a new note. If a match is identified, Hugo will add the sync note action to the bottom of your Hugo note.
  • Hugo uses the email address of your meeting attendees when looking for a match. If your Salesforce contact is saved using a different email to that of your meeting attendees, or if the contact does not exist in Salesforce at all, Hugo will not be able to automatically sync your note back to Salesforce.
  • Do manually sync your Hugo note with Salesforce, click the Salesforce logo and search for a contact or company to find a match.
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