Notifications sent by Hugo

There are four types of notifications that Hugo will send to you from the product.

You can manage your notifications by visiting Settings > Notifications.

  1. It's time to write a note

    Reminds you to write a note for your meeting, based on data loaded from your calendar

    Depending on your settings, it can be triggered 15-30min before your meeting starts, at the start time of your meeting or 15-30min after your meeting has started
  2. An agenda/note/comment @mentions me

    Notifies you that another User has mentioned you in an agenda, note or comment that they have save
  3. An agenda is saved/updated for my meeting

    Notifies you that an agenda has been saved for a meeting that you are attending
  4. Daily digest

    Sends an email each morning outlining the meetings that you have for the day, along with links to read past notes and set an agenda to help you prepare

All of your product notifications can be personalized or switched off according to your preferences.

Click here to learn about Meeting rules to control the accuracy of your notifications, so that Hugo only sends you reminders about the meetings that care about.

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