Charging your credit card

Hugo uses a freemium pricing model. This means that you have full access to the product for an unlimited period of time, up to a certain number of users.

The way that Hugo charges your card:

  • You are required to enter your credit card details in order to send team invites that exceed the free tier (i.e. If the free tier is limited to 5 seats, you need to enter your credit card in order to send your 6th invite etc)
  • Your billing cycle is reset to 30 days from when you enter your credit card details
  • However you will not be charged until your team exceeds the limit of free users. I.e. if you enter your credit card details on day 1, to invite your 6th teammate, but she only joins Hugo on day 15, your card charge will be prorated to ~half of the month (15/31 days).

How new teammates impact your bill:

  • Your monthly bill is a function of the total number of users on your team, multiplied by the per-user price
  • If you are already paying for Hugo and a new teammate joins in the middle of a billing cycle, that teammate will increase your bill on a pro-rated basis
  • i.e. if you are on a plan of $6/user/month and are paying for 6 users, your current bill is $36/month. If a 7th teammate joins Hugo half-way through the month, your next bill will be $39 ($6x6users + $3/1 user), and then the following bill will increase to the full $42/month ($6x7 users)
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