What should I be using Hugo for?

  • Centralize and organize - Hugo is linked to your calendar, so you don’t have to worry about organizing your documents.

    Docs are automatically organized based on what meeting you're in, and you can easily search based on contact, company, date, or note contents.

    This means Hugo becomes more valuable as your company grows. All meeting insights are centralized in one place, accessible and easy to find when needed.

  • Share and action Hugo integrates with over 20 of your favorite work apps, making it easy to share information with colleagues and action takeaways in the apps you use every day.
    Collaborate on meeting docs, share notes in Slack, sync insights to Salesforce and action takeaways in Asana without leaving your meeting notes.
  • Preserve knowledge - You can use Hugo to make knowledge handover easy. All the data is stored against the contacts and companies being managed by your company. This makes it easy for one colleague to pick up where another left off.

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