Creating Meeting Docs

Meeting docs and agendas are essential to productive meetings. To create a meeting doc, you can click on any existing meeting you have already, or create one be clicking anywhere on the meeting column to create a new event. 

Or to create a new one, look for the 'New Meeting' icon as well:

Fill in all the information such as meeting title, date and time, and the attendees. Once done, click "Create" and a new space will show to start create a draft doc for your meeting.

Start typing in the blank doc to create your own draft doc, or choose from the list of templates available. Templates are a great way to speed up and standardize team processes to speed up meeting preparation. Learn more about templates here.

Once you create the draft doc, you'll also get the option to add tasks and create app actions.


Use tasks as a way to assign action items to attendees before and after the meeting. Due dates are also supported so that tasks are completed on time. This way, attendees are also updated and informed on who needs to complete which task. Learn more about tasks here

App actions also can help automate some of your tasks across the other tools that you use. Learn more here

Once your draft doc is complete, and you're happy with the tasks and app actions, click Save. Attendees and any users mentioned will receive a notification via email or Slack (if enabled). This way, they'll be able to add any items to the meeting doc before the meeting if they need to. 

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