About Zapier + Hugo

Hugo provides teams with a common platform to save and share meeting insights, while Zapier is a tool that allows you to connect the apps you use every day to automate tasks and save time. 

Using both Hugo and Zapier together can help build automated workflows between Hugo docs and other third-party apps. 

How Hugo and Zapier can work together

  • Build zaps based on Hugo docs containing particular #tags, keywords, companies or contacts. For example, Product teams use a zap to send Sales docs that contain the keyword “feature request” to their roadmap list for prioritization.
  • Use the New Task trigger to connect to Google Tasks. This will include assignee, due date, and task description. 
  • Update tasks in Hugo if a task is updated in another app. For example, if you update a task in Google Tasks, use the action Find a Task by Description to match it in Hugo, then use Update a Task to also update them in Hugo. 

How to integrate Zapier with Hugo

  1. Sign up for a Hugo account and a Zapier account to get started.
  2. Copy your Hugo API key and build a Zap.

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