About Zoom + Hugo

Zoom is an easy, reliable cloud solution for video and audio conferencing, do it pairs perfectly with Hugo.
Host your video calls and meetings on Zoom. Create meeting docs, and track tasks with your team in Hugo.

In many cases, you don't even need to enable a formal integration. If you have a Zoom link in your calendar event description, Hugo automatically detects the link and enables you to join the Zoom meeting from Hugo using the "Join Call" button.

Of course, you can go further by enabling the Zoom for Hugo integration. This then connects cloud recordings and transcripts of your meetings to your meeting docs, ensuring that insights and takeaways are shared with relevant teammates and easy to locate in the future!

From within Hugo you can:

  • Join a Zoom call
  • Listen to Zoom cloud recordings for a particular meeting
  • Download Zoom cloud transcripts for a particular meeting

How to integrate Zoom with Hugo

  1. Sign up for a Hugo account and a Zoom account to get started.
  2. Enable Zoom for Hugo.
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