Troubleshoot Hubspot + Hugo

This article will describe a number of common causes for Hubspot issues, and how to resolve them yourself.

Common causes for errors:

Incorrect/invalid API key

  • The API key copied in to your Hugo account needs to be an exact copy of a valid API key from your Hubspot account.
  • See here for instructions on how to locate/generate a Hubspot API key
  • Paste that key to your Hubspot credentials in Hugo.

Hubspot FAQ:

If I update a Hugo note after it has been saved, will my Hubspot note update?

  • Hugo will not edit any notes in your Hubspot account after they have been sent.
  • Therefore notes that are created by Hugo will remain unchanged in Hubspot, even if you edit the note in Hugo afterwards.

If I delete a Hugo note, what happens to the note sent to Hubspot?

  • Hugo will not delete any data from your Hubspot account, it will only send notes to Hubspot from your Hugo notes.
  • Therefore notes will remain in Hubspot even if the note that created them has been deleted from Hugo.

Why is Hugo not auto-syncing my notes with Hubspot?

  • When you enable auto-create notes in your Hubspot settings, Hugo will check for a match between meeting attendees and Hubspot contacts, each time you create a new note. If a match is identified, Hugo will add the sync note action to the bottom of your Hugo note.
  • Hugo uses the email address of your meeting attendees when looking for a match. If your Hubspot contact is saved using a different email to that of your meeting attendees, or if the contact does not exist in Hubspot at all, Hugo will not be able to automatically sync your note back to Hubspot.
  • Do manually sync your Hugo note with Hubspot, click the Hubspot logo and search for a contact or company to find a match.
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