About Trello + Hugo

Trello is a project management application that gives you a visual overview of what is being worked on and who is working on it, while Hugo provides teams with a common platform to save and share meeting insights in real time.

Teams who successfully use both tools rely on Trello for actionable tasks and Hugo for managing their meetings - from setting agendas in advance, to capturing notes in the meeting and then sharing those notes with the right people and the tools they use every day.

With the Trello for Hugo integration, you can turn actions captured in your notes into Trello cards. When those cards are sent to Trello, they will also include a link back to the Hugo notes so that assignees have the context they need to focus on their work!

There are several features in this integration to help keep your team in flow so that tasks like “get that report done tomorrow” don’t fall through the cracks.

From within Hugo you can:

  • Turn part of your note into a Trello card
  • Configure the board, list and description of cards
  • Assign cards to teammates
  • Add a due date
  • Turn part of your note into a comment on an existing Trello card

Additional features:

  • Hugo will sync the status of a card so that next time you review the notes, it is clear which tasks are completed and which are outstanding
  • For each Trello card created in Hugo, a link back to the notes will be included so that assignees have the context they need when starting a new task

How to integrate Trello with Hugo

  1. Sign up for a Hugo account and a Trello account to get started.
  2. Enable Trello for Hugo.
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