Merging or Editing Contacts

When Hugo syncs with your calendar, it detects the attendees of your meetings based on their email address, and then does 2 things:

  1. Creates a Person contact based on the email address of the attendee
  2. Creates a Company contact based on detecting where that person works

Sometimes you may find duplicate contacts or companies in your Hugo account, and this can sometimes lead to note fragmentation.

Causes of duplicate contacts and companies:

  • The person you are meeting uses multiple email addresses
  • The person you are meeting moves to a different company

How to fix this:

Find the contact or company that you need to manage (you can search by name in the search tool or select from the attendee details in any meeting). 

To merge: 

  • Hover over the contact or company
  • Select Contact details or Company details
  • Click Merge Duplicates 
  • Find contacts to merge, then select which contact should remain after merging

To edit: 

  • Hover over the contact or company
  • Click Contact Details or Company Details
  • Click Edit (pencil) to make the desired changes such as add/removing email addresses, editing company and role etc, and click Save

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