HubSpot Error: Reauthenticate

When creating a task from a note, HubSpot has reported an authentication issue.

Problem / Symptoms

  • Sometimes the HubSpot authentication provided becomes invalid.
  • The Hupspot API key copied into your Hugo account may be incorrect. 

Solution Steps

Make sure the API key in your Hugo account is an exact copy of a valid API key from your HubSpot account: 

  1. In HubSpot, click your profile picture, go to integrations > API key > Show key and copy the api key.
  2. Visit your Hugo account options and go to Settings > Apps.
  3. Locate the HubSpot card and go to configure. 
  4. Paste that key to your HubSpot credentials.

This will update your credentials and allow Hugo to request/send data to/from your Hubspot account.

For more information about the HubSpot integration, see our HubSpot support section.

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