Salesforce Error: Lead

When syncing your note to a Salesforce lead, you experience an error. 

Problem / Symptoms

Saving notes for Salesforce Leads is not supported. Within Hugo you can:

  • Automatically sync Hugo notes to Salesforce accounts
  • Turn part of your note into a Salesforce account task or case. 
  • Create a Salesforce event directly from your notes.

Solution Steps

Salesforce supports two different fields for notes. Each field requires Hugo to use a different API endpoint. 

  1. Notes & Attachments (most common for Classic accounts)

    If you are using the Notes & Attachments field, visit Hugo > Settings > Apps > Salesforce and check the box Support Salesforce Classic. 
  2. The Notes (most common for Lightning accounts)

    Disable this checkbox if you use the Notes field.
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