Salesforce Error: Server Error

When syncing your Hugo notes, Salesforce has encountered a server error. 

Problem / Symptoms

  • Sometimes your Salesforce credentials can become invalid. This error can occur for a wide range of reasons. 
  • You Salesforce plan may not allow or has not enabled 3rd party API access

Solution Steps

In the event of an invalid request, do the following to resolve: 

  1. Visit Account options > Settings > Apps > Salesforce, click Disable Salesforce and then re-enable.

    This will update your credentials and allow Hugo to request/send data to/from your Salesforce account.

  2. According to this Salesforce page, only certain plans allow customers to use the Salesforce API for data to communicate between their Salesforce account and 3rd party services like Hugo
  • Ensure that your plan supports 3rd party API's
  • Read here for instructions on how to enable API access in your account
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