Team Onboarding Guide

Onboard your Hugo Team 

Hugo is most effective when everyone in your team is using it. Make to connect the team and ensure all meetings are set-up for success. This quick guide will help you introduce Hugo in the most productive way possible. Improving the way your team meets can be quick and easy!


The steps

Start with a core team.

Setting up a team is the first step towards better meetings! Here are roles and members that will help get you there quicker: 

  • Admin. Responsible for managing the Hugo team and preference settings.
  • Team Lead. Responsible for managing meeting frameworks and workflows. Typically the head of a department.  
  • Core Users. Those with frequent meetings (bonus for cross-functional). Typically Sales, Success or Product. 
  • Remote members. If you have any remote team members, they will be helpful to add too. 

What's next?
Introduce Hugo to your team. Use this email template
Follow up with Hugo invitations.

Explore meeting workflow gaps.

It’s important Hugo solves your specific meeting gaps. Here's an exercise to help identify where Hugo will help the most. 
  • Meeting brainstorm. Below are some thought starters. Ask each other: 
    • Where are meetings notes taken/stored? Are they easily found?
    • How do we share meeting insights/decisions? Are others aware?
    • Where do we create action items and how we track their status?

What's next?

Use agenda templates and set-up app integrations to make sure nothing slips through the cracks. 

P.s For more inspiration, check out Vital - a meetings framework for high-performing teams.

Identify use cases.

It’s helpful to create workflows to achieve your meeting goals. Here's an example use case: 

  • Current Challenge: It's difficult to be aware of what each team is working on. 
  • Goal/Objective: Easier and more efficient communication across teams.
  • Team Workflows: Ensure notes are accessible and shared across teams post-meeting. 
  • Hugo Features to support: Collaborative Agendas, Shareable Links and Slack Integration. 
Manage preferences and settings 

Configuring the right settings will give the team the best experience:


Educate the team

It’s important the core team understands the ins and outs of Hugo.
  • Self-serve training. There are plenty of helpful training resources readily available. 
  • Hugo Team training. If the team needs extra guidance, you can schedule a session with Hugo's Success Team. 

What's next?
Check out Hugo Resources for best practice content and sharable resources.
Email the Hugo Success Team to learn more about team training. 


Onboard your team

Getting more team members on-board increases the benefits of Hugo. More meeting notes = more collaboration, alignment and insights! We suggest adding people in a phased approach.What's next?

@mention the new users in your notes to kick-start collaboration. 
Communicate to the team about using Hugo.   
Consider scheduling a training event for those who have additional questions.

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