Hugo for Customer Success

Hugo helps success and account teams manage customer meetings, notes and tasks in one place. 

Why is Hugo important for CS and Account Teams?

  • Back to back meetings make it hard to prepare and action takeaways
  • Not enough customer insights are shared across the organization
  • Important details are lost with account handoffs and new hires, which often can lead to customer churn
  • Notes, decisions, and tasks are scattered between everyone’s tools, hard drives, and notebooks

How can Hugo help? 

  1. Improve preparation for your customer meetings. (check-ins, QBR's, kick-offs)
  2. Easily share tasks and takeaways with your teammates and customers
  3. Reduce admin time by auto-syncing notes and tasks to your CRM and ticketing tools

Improve preparation for your customer meetings.

Set-up meeting templates for consistent and efficient meetings. 

You're in many different types of meetings, which can be a lot to manage. Templates are an easy way to standardize your customer meetings, make them more effective and speed up preparation. 

Whether it's a new customer kick-off, weekly check-in or quarterly business review - templates will help you and the team stay organized.  

Check out our CS template library and how other top CS teams run their customer meetings. 

Share your agenda to get everyone aligned. 

In Customer Success, you work with different departments to create a great customer experience. Building real-time collaboration internally and externally gives your customers a seamless experience. 

External sharing. 

Provide your customers with a game plan. Avoid unfocused meetings by making sure everyone knows why they’re there and what is to be discussed. 

Consider providing your customer viewing access to the meeting preparation using public links.  

Internal sharing. 

Getting ready for an upcoming customer meeting? Coordinate with context. Mention teammates or share your preparation plans to work together in one place. 

Review your default document permissions to make sure other on your team can collaborate with you. 
Learn about visibility and sharing in this quick video overview

Never forget to prepare! Set up the right notifications. 

Get notifications to set an agenda in your inbox or Slack. 

You can manage your notifications by visiting your notification settings.

Easily share tasks and takeaways with your teammates. 

Mentions and #tags 

  • Using mentions in your note creates shared collaboration on your action items. 
  • Using tags like #customer-feedback, #customer-success, #customer-insights is a powerful way for you and your team to organize notes and make them searchable for the future. 

Sharing with your teammates in Slack. 

Learn more  about the Hugo + Slack integration
Enable the integration to start push meeting insights to your teammates

Spend less time doing admin and more time helping customers.  

Auto-sync customer notes to your CRM 

No more forgetting to update your CRM or copying and pasting after every meeting. Hugo will automatically sync your notes directly to the account in your CRM. 

Learn more about the Hugo + CRM integrations. 
Enable Salesforce, Copper, Freshsales, HubSpot or Pipedrive to start syncing your notes directly into your CRM. 

Turn your notes directly into tickets.

Need to action on your discussion? Hugo’s integrations pass your meeting notes, takeaways and tasks to the tools you use every day.


  • Assign Asana tasks to teammates within projects.
  • Turn part of your note into a Jira issue for engineering to look at. 
  • Create a Zendesk ticket from your note and configure the subject, priority and type of a ticket. 

Explore our library of integrations to make your workflow more efficient. 
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