Creating and Assigning Tasks

There are a number of ways Hugo supports the ability to add and assign tasks to your meetings:

  1. Before a meeting starts: Use tasks in Hugo to create and complete tasks for better meeting preparation
  2. During a meeting: Assign tasks to anyone in your meeting, including customers and team members who don’t have Hugo accounts.

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Assigning Tasks

To assign a task: 
  1. Click "Add Task" or highlight a part of your note that you wish to turn into a task
  2. Add in your task
  3. Select the person from the drop-down results. 
    1. All meeting attendees
    2. Attendees in my Hugo team
    3. Specific users

Assigning tasks for meeting preparation

Use tasks to align your team before a meeting starts. Here are some helpful examples: 

  • A task for everyone to add their bullet points to the agenda
  • A task to review a deck, video, or report before the meeting
  • A task for customer success to share a public link of the agenda with the customer

Assigning tasks for meeting notes

Use tasks to quickly capture and action on what was decided during the meeting. Here are some helpful examples: 

  • Assign tasks internally to the attendees in your Hugo team. 
  • Assign tasks to anyone in your meeting, including contractors, customers, and team members who don’t have Hugo accounts.

    People at your meeting may not use Hugo, but you can still track tasks assigned to them in Hugo. 

Setting due dates and times

Set a due date and time to let your teammates know when a task should be completed by.

To set a due date and time: 
  1. Navigate to "Due" in the task 
  2. Select the date and time from the Calendar 

Smart due dates for meeting preparation

Hugo will detect when your meeting is going to start, so you can dynamically assign tasks to be completed before the meeting kicks off. 

Smart due dates for meeting notes

Hugo will detect your next recurring meeting with your team, client or customer. Assign tasks to be completed before you next. 

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