Managing Tasks

The Tasks section of Hugo is the place where all tasks that are assigned to you or assigned by you are stored. . 

To access Tasks: 
Click on Tasks from the sidebar.

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Filtering Tasks

By default, your tasks are organized in the following way: 

  • All tasks are displayed (tasks assigned to me and tasks assigned by me)
  • Grouped by due date
  • Completed tasks are hidden

Hugo provides a variety of ways to sort and filter your list of tasks.

Incomplete and Completed tasks
Show all tasks (including completed ones) or just incomplete tasks.

Group by
Show tasks by due date or by meeting. 


Adjust your view to display tasks just assigned to you, assigned by you or both!

Hugo Tip: For advanced filtering, click Filter Tasks to refine tasks by elements such as text or type of meeting. 

Editing Tasks 

When in the Task section of Hugo, you are able to edit your tasks directly in one place. 

Adjusting due date or assignee

To adjust a due date or assignee, simply hover over the date and click the pencil button.

  • Due date: Includes suggested due dates as well as the ability to set a custom date and time.
  • Assignee: Use the dropdown menu to select assignee options. 
    • All meeting attendees
    • All meetings attendees in your Hugo team
    • Specific Hugo team members

Deleting tasks
If you create a task in error or decide it’s unnecessary, you can delete it. There are two ways to delete a task:

  • From the Tasks section
  • In the Document

Completing tasks

Mark a task complete to indicate that it is done. There are two ways you can complete a task from the Task section. 

  1. By clicking the check icon in Tasks
  2. By clicking the check icon in the Document

Conversely, Hugo also allows you to mark a task incomplete again if it was completed by accident or if there is more work required. 

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