Take notes faster with keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts help you compose your docs quickly and easily by allowing you to perform an action without using your mouse. 

Formatting documents:

  • Bold selected text:   + B
  • Italicize selected text:   + B
  • List creation: 
    • Numbered list: 1. + space 
    • Bullet list: * or -  + space 
  • Indent a list: tab
  • Outdent a list:  shift + tab
  • Create a new line in your note: shift + enter
  • Undo message: command + Z


  • Add a new task: Opt + T
  • Move to next field: Tab
  • Navigate assignee / due date: up / down arrow
  • Select assignee / due date: enter

Other shortcuts while composing:

  • Return to composer: Opt + C
  • Add an App action: Opt + A

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