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Collaborative meeting documents are the core of healthy meeting habits. Hugo allows users to create, share, and action meeting documents easily. Meeting documents can be created for any event in your calendar. When a user navigates to a calendar event, they will see various snippets of information and quick actions. Here is an overview of some of the basics of Hugo meeting documents.

  1. Calendar Event Information
  2. Related Meeting Actions
  3. Meeting Document Editor
  4. Notifications and Sharing Settings
  5. Meeting Doc Pop-Out
  6. Tags
  7. Tasks
  8. App Actions

Calendar Event Information

Here you can find the basic details of the calendar event including title, attendees and the schedule. You can expand details to get additional information on the calendar event including the organizer and any description about the event. It is possible to edit the event details directly in Hugo by selecting Edit event on the top right corner.

The related meeting actions section allows you quickly view and action meeting documents that are related to your current meeting. 

Last Meeting Doc: This will pop up the most recent meeting document in the series to allow you to quickly view the notes from previous discussions.

All Related Docs: This will allow you to pull up a list of all meetings documents which are related to the current meeting. Hugo will find all meeting documents with the same meeting title or the same attendees. 

Create Follow-up: This action allows you to quickly schedule a follow-up meeting with the same attendees. 

Meeting Document Editor

The meeting editor allows you to format the meeting document to make collaborative notes easily readable and sharable for all viewers. A key feature here is the ability to @ mention team members within the meeting document itself.

Notifications and Share Settings

You can adjust the notification and share settings of an individual meeting document

The bell icon will allow you quickly toggle on and off doc notifications for meeting attendees. 

Share settings allow you to create the correct level of access for meeting attendees.

Public Access: If you toggle public access on, the meeting document will be accessible to anyone with a link. This will allow guest collaboration for meeting attendees not part of your Hugo team. There are additional settings that can allow guests the ability to view & comment only or provide them with the ability to edit documents. You can find more about Guess Collaboration here. 

Team Access: Team access allows you to define which users on your Hugo team will have access to a meeting document you have created. By default, these settings will match what you have defined in your profile settings. If you change these settings, they will override the defaults set in your profile for the individual meeting document. 

Note: If you have multiple meeting documents within a single meeting, you can have different share settings and notification settings for each. 

Meeting Doc Pop-out

This will pop out the meeting document and provide more screen space for note-taking.


Tags can be set in templates or on individual meeting documents. This provides users with powerful search capabilities to group similar meetings. 


Tasks allow teams to come to meetings prepared and make meetings actionable. Here you can create a Hugo task, assign it to a user and add a due date. This can be done before, during or after a meeting takes place. Tasks assigned to Hugo users will show up on their home screens. Click here for more information on creating and using Tasks. 

App Actions

App Actions allows users to share critical meeting notes & decisions to the appropriate places. You can enable the app actions here.

Collaborator Flags

When multiple users are editing the same doc, their cursor will show different colours (and names when you hover over them) to show their presence in the doc.

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