Public Access and Guest Collaboration

Public access links allows non-Hugo users to view, comment or edit for guest collaboration. This feature can make it easier to prepare for meetings with individuals outside of your team or organization

Enabling Public Access Links

To enable public access links, open the share modal on the meeting doc you would like to share: 

Once you have opened the modal you will be able to toggle on public access for the meeting document:

Anyone with this link will now have access to this meeting document, even if they are not a Hugo team member with access. The default permissions are for View & Comment access for an indefinite time period and never expires. You can change these by clicking on their respective drop-down menu to grant them editing access, and/or change the access permission for 1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month, or never expires. 

What a Guest User Sees

Any user not logged into a Hugo account with access to a public meeting doc will have a public view of that document. When the user first navigates to the link they will be prompted to identify which user they are: 

The user can select from one of the attendees in the calendar invite, input their info directly if they were not originally in the invite, or continue as an anonymous guest.

Note: If the user selects an attendee with a verified Hugo account, they will be prompted to log in. 

If the permissions of the document are set for view & comment only. The guest will be able to read the contents of the document and add comments at the bottom of the document. The guest user will be able to @ mention others who have access to the meeting document. If the guest user attempts to add a task or edit the document, they will be prompted to request edit access from the document author. Alternatively, they can Request edit access at the top of the page to prompt the meeting author to edit access. 

When a guest user has edit access, they will be able to contribute to the meeting document. The guest user will not be able to save the updates they have made to the document themselves, which will still need to be approved by a Hugo team member with document access. 

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