Hugo Overview

Tool integrations

Hugo's main integrations are with your calendar, chat apps, project management tools, and CRMs. Through these app integrations, every relevant meeting insight is actionable with your existing tools. For example, you can circulate Hugo docs and Slack, create tickets in project management tools and event update CRM records.

Learn more about Hugo's 20+ app integrations.

How is Hugo different from ...

Hugo is the only true team-based meeting insights platform that recognizes meetings as a source of insights for action in your software stack. Compare Hugo to your current workarounds to see its value.

Google Docs Evernote Salesforce Hugo
Organize notes based on calendar events
(instead of manually, with folders, etc.)
20+ app integrations (CRM, chat, project, 
to-do, ticketing)
Automatically share notes with
relevant teammates
Mention teammates, assign work
right within your note
Automatic prompts to review agendas
and write notes
Surface past notes for your next meeting

Privacy and security

Hugo is the safest place for your meeting knowledge. We are currently working on SOC 2 certification, and have already implemented processes, procedures, and controls to be materially compliant with the requirements. In plain language, that means Hugo is:

  • 🔒  Encrypted. All information in Hugo is encrypted during transit and storage
  • 🕵️  Private. Your data is private, accessible only by you (or your team with your permission).
  • 💂  Safe. Permission to interact with your calendar and data is ONLY to make the app function. Your data is not shared or sold.

How do I get started?

  • Hugo is free for individuals and small teams
  • Sign up in seconds
  • Each company has one Hugo account. Look out for a link to join your Hugo team in your inbox
  • Ask your team Hugo Administrator for access

What are customers saying about Hugo?

“Just as Slack connects us to our colleagues and tools through an innovative collaborative interface, Hugo does the same with meeting notes . . . Hugo will quickly become the go-to solution for organizations that want their teams to be more aligned and their meetings more productive.”—Jason Spinnell, Slack

"When Atlassian teams use Hugo, they are more connected to each other and their customers."—Delyn Simons, Atlassian

“Given where I work (Partnerships at Zapier), I always look to see what an app is integrated with. Hugo was integrated with almost all of the apps we use. And they also have a Zapier integration which is great because now I can automate a lot of the manual tasks that come with meetings.”
—Nick Valluri, Zapier

" It completely changed my meeting habits, creating more time for me to do other things . . .  kept me incredibly organized and focused . . . I didn't realize I would reference past notes so often."—Kassy Cosner, Racer X

" The Slack integration is really slick. We set up a dedicated channel and off it went, even syncing comment threads between the two. Now everybody sees the meeting notes."
Chris Batdorf, CloudCheckr

“ Hugo helps me almost daily when someone asks me something like ‘I can’t remember but did we make a decision to do x a few weeks ago?’ I can just search my meeting notes to find the answer in less than 30 seconds.”
—Tom Wells,  Unique X

"For client meetings, being able to see what was planned and quickly set an agenda is awesome . . . I feel more organized than my previous job."—Andrew Cordova-Andrews, Hybrid Helix

"The integration with the calendar is perfect, and it integrates with Zoom or Google Meet. This makes Hugo almost like a meeting control tower . . . It's like meeting on steroids."—David Ogundeko, Funema

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