Managing Invites to Your Team

The way to manage invites and the number of users on your account would be to do the following:

  1. Go to your Manage Team Settings
  2. Uncheck the box "anyone with an email on the above domain can join this team".This will make sure that other team members cannot auto-join your account. This means they will only be able to join by invitation to ensure that only authorized users can join your Hugo team. 

After that is unchecked, in your user settings you can invite users using an invite link or email individual users to join your team. You can also choose each teammates privileges (member, manager, or admin). Learn more about user roles and permissions here.


In the same user settings page near the bottom of the page, you can also specify who can invite more users.

This allows you better control over who can invite teammates. To share with team members on the same domain without joining your team. You can do this via public links.

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