Saved Searches

Saved searches in Hugo allow you to navigate specific meeting docs to ensure you stay updated with them. Use this as a way to stay on top of recurring meetings, or even meetings that you're not part of. Once saved, this will show up on your sidebar for quick navigation in just one click. 

To create a saved search, go to your 'Team Docs' on the left sidebar:

Then, click on 'Filters' to open the filters menu. This will allow you to filter by specific details using:

  • Author - who created the doc
  • Attendees - who attended the meeting
  • Doc mention - mentioning specific users or user groups
  • Doc tag - tags/labels applied to the meeting doc
  • Doc text - contents of the meeting doc

Once you've selected the filters you need, click the 'Save' button. This will also show up on the left sidebar so you can access them quickly without needing to select the filters again. You can customize them as well by clicking on the 3-dots icon to open an additional menu:

You can select a different colour to differentiate them at a glance, rename them, or remove/delete them. 

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