Hugo makes it easy to auto-archive meetings in a recurring series. This means that those events will go to your Team Archive to keep a record of the interaction, but you will not be prompted to save a note in your Inbox.

How to Auto-Archive a recurring meeting:

  1. Go to your Hugo Inbox and select a recurring meeting from the list
  2. Click the overflow menu on the far right, next to Delete Meeting
  3. Click Auto-Archive all meetings in this series...


  • When using this feature, past events from this series will remain in your Inbox unless manually deleted
  • Changes to the series, such as moving one of the events or adding/removing attendees could cause meetings to show up in Hugo again - when changes are made to a single event within a recurring series, Google will treat it as a standalone meeting
  • To undo, visit Settings > Notifications, scroll to the bottom and select the event you wish to return back to the Inbox
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