There are a few ways to start writing a note:

  • Select a meeting that previously occurred from your ‘To Do’ list
  • Select a future meeting from your 'Upcoming list
  • Select any meeting from the team Meeting Archive
  • Click the + in the top right of the app to create a new meeting not linked to your calendar.

Writing a Note

To write a note, select the meeting and click ‘Write’ or press the W key. The Note Editor will launch. The key features of the note editor are shown below:

The steps to writing a note are:

  1. Add a template to your note from the template list
  2. Type your note, using the formatting toolbar to format your note
  3. Use @mentions, to draw insights to a teammate's attention - learn more here.
  4. Use #tags, to organize notes by project/issue/trend - learn more here.
  5. Use actions to turn meeting insights into action in your team's tools - learn more here.
  6. Confirm who the meeting is accessible to and the Slack channel that the note will be posted to - learn more here.
  7. Press Publish

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