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How do I save a note?

Hugo will automatically remind you to save a note for your meeting, via the Hugo web app, via Slack or via email.

Where can I find the team's notes?

Every meeting note saved by your team is accessible to you (subject to your teammates' sharing settings). Meeting notes are shared via team Slack channels, and you can browse and search team meetings by logging into Hugo.

How does Hugo integrate with our workflow?

Hugo syncs with your Google Calendar to automatically prompt you for a note for each meeting. Hugo's action integrations enable you to create work straight from a meeting note and send any insights to your CRM. Hugo also shares meeting notes with the team using Slack, encouraging team conversation.

Are my notes private? Are they safe?

While it's usually valuable to make meeting insights accessible to the team, sometimes notes are private. Each time you save a note, you can change who the note is accessible by and the Slack channels in which it is shared. 

At the same time, it's essential that all your meeting notes are secure. Hugo takes your security seriously. Your data is transmitted securely via HTTPS to our data centers, all our infrastructure is behind firewalls and we employ industry-standard cyber security techniques to ensure your meeting knowledge is secure, private and always available when you need it.

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