We've asked our best Hugo teams how they got their teams started with Hugo. Once the team understands 'Why Hugo?' and has joined your Hugo team, we suggest:

  • Make use of the Hugo Team Portal - an online resource with guides, information, a demo and help for your team to get going.
  • Schedule a team training session with the Hugo founders. We’ll either connect via video or visit the team in person and take 20 minutes to walk the team through Hugo and answer any questions - highly recommended!
  • Ask us for a copy of our What is Hugo? slides which you can use for a 5 minute chat with the team at your next all-hands meeting.
  • Request a Team Starter Pack via the Team Portal which includes quick reference guides for your team’s desks, t-shirts and other material to get the team going with Hugo.
  • Schedule a call with us to discuss the best plan to educate the team, sell Hugo internally or whatever strategy would be most helpful to get going.

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