Using Copper with Hugo

Copper (formerly Prosperworks) is a cloud-based CRM with a focus on sales and account management, while Hugo provides teams with a common platform to save and share meeting insights in real time.

Teams who successfully use both tools rely on Copper for logging customer activities and Hugo for managing their meetings - from setting agendas in advance, to capturing notes in the meeting and then sharing those notes with the right people and the tools they use every day.

With the Copper for Hugo integration, you can sync your notes as an activity on customer accounts in Copper. When those notes are sent to Copper, they will also include a link back to the Hugo notes so that teammates have the context they need!

There are several features in this integration to help your team push the right information to their CRM, while also being able to seamlessly keep everyone else on the same page.

From within Hugo you can:

  • Sync Hugo notes to people and companies in Copper as an activity

Additional features:

  • For each Copper activity created in Hugo, a link back to the notes will be included so that teammates have the context they need when reading data in your CRM

How to integrate Copper with Hugo

  1. Sign up for a Hugo account and a Copper account to get started.
  2. Enable Copper for Hugo.

What is Hugo?

Hugo is a common platform for teams to save and share meeting insights in real time—so that everyone can stay on the same page. It’s free for small teams, simple to use and powerful enough to run your entire business. Learn more about Hugo.

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