Who can access my data?

Data that you save in Hugo is only accessible by Users of your Hugo Organization. In order for someone to see your meeting notes, they need to be a User of your Hugo Organization, and be granted access to those agendas/notes.

The sharing of agendas/notes within your Organization is based on your sharing and accessibility settings for each meeting note. Visit Hugo > Settings > Profile to manage your default share permissions to:

  • My Organization
  • Only Users who attend the meeting
  • Only me

Before saving each agenda/note, you have to ability to change the share settings from your account default.

Is my data secure?

Hugo stores all of your data on dedicated machines in AWS Data Centers. There is no direct access available to Hugo databases via web or SSH from outside Hugo's virtual private cloud and Hugo uses AWS’ firewall and security infrastructure.

Hugo's cyber-risk insurer performs an annual audit of data security infrastructure. Hugo has always exceeded their requirements and maintains professional indemnity and cyber-risk insurances annually.

Visit Hugo's Security Center to learn more about compliance with and certification across a variety of web privacy standards.

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