• Hugo uses your calendar as a source of truth for who you and your colleagues are meeting. Instead of using a system of folders like other note apps, Hugo will automatically organize agendas and notes for you, based on the people attending your meetings, the companies that they work for, meeting details like name, date and time as well as any tags that are included in your notes.
  • Hugo also connects to all of the tools that you're already using. For meeting notes, Hugo will beat your generic, personal note-taking tool or notebook and will complement department-specific solutions like your CRM or project-management software. Hugo is better at ensuring meeting information breaks through departmental silos and that the information actually gets actioned - right in the apps used by different colleagues across your business.
  • With a deep bench of third-party integrations, Hugo works with the rest of your software stack so that information from meetings can be pushed out to other tools.

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