Hugo is connected meeting notes software, which means your meeting notes are connected with the people and tools in your organization.

Hugo does this using over 20 integrations of your most-used apps at work, including your calendar. Because Hugo is calendar-centric, you don’t have to remember where anything is. Everything is automatically organized for you, and you can easily search for notes based on contact, company, date, or what was in the note itself. 

Day-to-day, people use Hugo to

  • Collaborate on agendas and meeting notes in real-time.
  • @mention Users.
  • Create tasks in apps like Asana, Follow the discussion thread in Slack, and sync to their CRM like Salesforce

All of this can be triggered directly from your meeting notes.

The result is that collaboration becomes easy. People show up more prepared for meetings. Your Organization knows what’s happening whether or not they were in the room.

Meeting notes used to be a kind of scratchpad for things you didn’t want to forget. With connected meeting notes, they’re now acting more like glue. The notes bind together all your people, systems, and information.

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