User groups are a collection of users within your Hugo team and they add value in 3 main areas of the product:

  1. Note access: When controlling which teammates have access to a particular note, users can select an entire group instead of adding each teammate one-by-one. When new teammates join Hugo and are added to an existing group, they will also have access to all historical notes made available to that group.
  2. Note @mentions: When using the @mention feature in a note, users have the ability to mention a group, in which case all group members will receive a notification that they have been mentioned in a note.
  3. Note filters: In the Browse tab, you have the option to select a group and filter notes to see all notes that have been published by or mention that group.

Create/manage groups:

  • Visit Settings > Manage Team and scroll down to the Groups card.
  • Click Create Group to name a new group and add group members.
  • Click Manage for a particular group to edit the name, add members or delete the group altogether.

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