What are Meeting rules?

Meeting rules reduce noise by hiding irrelevant meetings from your Hugo account and muting notifications. For example, you can create a rule to hide meetings that contain the text “flight” in the title.

How do they work?

Meeting rules work at the user-level, so you can build rules to hide meetings from your Hugo account without impacting other Users.

This feature provides a flexible solution for you to take control over your Hugo account. Building rules based on the following triggers:

  • Meeting type - if the event is all-day or recurring
  • Meeting title - if a meeting contains a particular phrase in the title such as "dinner" or "flight"
  • Attendance status - if you mark a meeting as "maybe"
  • Attendee count - number of people attending a meeting
  • Attendee email - email addresses of meeting attendees
  • Attendee type - if the attendees are internal or external

Meetings that satisfy the criteria of your rules are not deleted from Hugo, they are simply hidden from your Meetings page and their notifications are muted. To view meetings that have been hidden by your rules, navigate to your Meetings page, click the filter icon and select All Meetings.

Click here to customize your Meeting rules.

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