Hugo notes also support multi-user collaboration. When multiple users are attending the same meeting, they have the option to join a single note (similar to Google Docs) instead of each saving separate notes.

Joining a collaborative note:

  • Select your meeting
  • When other Users in your Hugo Organization start a note for a meeting, their profile pictures will show up on an Open Draft button.
  • Click that button to join the same note
  • You can see who else is in your note by glancing at the top-right corner

Collaboration for an Impromptu meeting note:

  • Hugo supports manually creating an impromptu meeting note, for those times when you need to write something down but the meeting wasn't on your calendar
  • Collaborative notes work in this scenario too, but first you need to add other Users as meeting attendees, before the meeting will display in their Hugo account to join the same note
  • To add Users as meeting attendees, select the meeting that you just created, click the three-dot menu located in the top-right corner and select Edit this meeting

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