What do we get out of using Hugo?

  • Hugo powers open collaboration across the organization.
  • Because we no longer silo our notes, notes captured regarding important conversations are broadcasted to and accessible by all team members - execs, marketing, engineering, product, operations, sales and customer success.

Why can’t we do that with our existing tools?

  • This level of transparency is not possible without Hugo.
  • Prior to Hugo, instead of saving everything in one place, notes were taken by each team member using his or her own preferred medium, including paper!
  • Keeping track of progress required oral updates and written reports which broke down as our team started to grow.
  • When Hugo arrived, we suddenly had a common platform that allowed us to share - in real time - activity occurring across the team. Thanks to Hugo's integrations, we are able to follow meetings in Slack and still sync notes to Salesforce records which makes it possible to keep Salesforce as the system of record.

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