What do we get out of using Hugo?

  • Hugo really helps us automate knowledge sharing, and keep other teams informed on what customer meetings are taking place and what was learned in each.
  • We no longer worry about needing to take our notes in personal note taking systems and then hopefully distribute/document in other systems manually.

Why can’t we do that with our existing tools?

  • Most productivity and note taking systems are more just blank slates with ability to create new docs. The issue here is it’s hard to reference back to specific meetings and takeaways without being extremely organized on your own.
  • By linking notes to our customer meetings, Hugo takes the organization challenge away and you just worry about documenting the important insights. With other solutions, I found myself with several tabs of incomplete notes and running streams of consciousness that were hard to share and then a pain to find when needed.
  • Hugo solves the problem of other team members not being able to keep a pulse of what’s going on with our customers.

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