Click your profile picture in the top right of the screen and select ‘Settings’ to view notification and other user-level and team-level settings. 

You will have these settings available to you:

User Settings

  • Profile - View your name, email, picture and communication email settings.
  • Notifications - You can control your notification settings for new meetings, mentions, events being shared with you, promotions/tips and settings for when events are created in Hugo. These settings allow you to select the notification channel (email and/or Slack), and the timing of the notification in relation to your meeting.
  • Muting - See a list and change settings for the event attendees that Hugo will ignore (i.e. not add events with those attendees to your inbox)

Team Settings (accessible by all users)

  • Templates - Create, edit and set defaults for meeting note and agenda templates for your team.

Team Settings (accessible by Team Administrators only)

  • Integrations - Enable and configure your team’s action integrations, to make them available for the rest of the team. 
  • Manage Team - Invite, remove and change roles for your Hugo team members. Clicking ‘Team Settings’ will also allow you to rename your team, add additional domains to your team and change default team accessibility settings.
  • Billing - Add / edit payment details for your team’s Hugo subscription.
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