Who can access my data?

Any date stored in Hugo is only ever accessible by your Hugo team. Each team has a dedicated contacts table and corresponding notes table in our database, with no ability to share any data outside your team. 

The sharing of notes within your team is based on your sharing and accessibility settings for each meeting. Your Team Administrator can set the default in Team Settings, and for each meeting you can select for that meeting to be:

  • Accessible by your Hugo Team (all current members and any future members when they later join Hugo)
  • Teammates attending this meeting (current members of your Hugo team who are attendees of that meeting and future members when they later join Hugo)
  • Specific Teammates (specific members of your Hugo team that you select)
  • Just Me (only you will have access to that meeting and associated notes   

Is my data secure?

We store all our data on dedicated machines in AWS Data Centers. There is no direct access available to our database via web or SSH from outside our virtual private cloud and we use AWS’  firewall and security infrastructure.

Our cyber-risk insurer performs an annual audit of our data security infrastructure. We have always exceeded their requirements and maintain professional indemnity and cyber-risk insurances annually.

Any other questions?

We have invested heavily in data privacy and security and love talking about it. Feel free to reach out if you have any other questions.

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