Hugo supports two levels of users in your team:

  • Team Member (Regular Hugo user)
  • Team Administrator (Hugo user with access to Integrations, Team and Billing settings)   

Managing your team

To manage your team, click your profile picture in the top right of Hugo, select 'Settings' and select 'Manage Team'.

Here, you can:

  • Remove Team Members from your team
  • Promote Team Members to Team Administrators
  • Invite new Teammates
  • Change Team Settings (see below)


Team Settings

Clicking 'Team Settings' allows you to:

  • Rename your team
  • Add or remove Team Domains
    Team Domains power the logic of identifying internal meetings vs external meetings and blocks people on your team domain from creating their own Hugo team account.
  • Change Meeting Access Default
    This setting reflects what you selected during onboarding. You can toggle whether new meetings are accessible to everyone on your Hugo team by default or only teammates that attended that meeting. This is just a default - Hugo users can change this for each meeting.
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