How does Hugo work?

The Hugo Process follows three steps for each meeting:

  1. Hugo sends you a prompt for your meeting and waits for you in your Hugo inbox
  2. You write a meeting note with any actions from your Hugo inbox
  3. Hugo saves your notes, triggers actions in your team tools and shares the note with the team

You can control which meetings Hugo tracks, how Hugo prompts you and the timing of that prompt to suit your process.

Hugo’s Anatomy

Hugo has three key components:

1. Inbox - Your Hugo home-base.

Here you will find:

  • Your recent and upcoming meetings to write agendas or notes for
  • The notes that you’ve been mentioned in by a teammate
  • Any team comments on your recent notes

2. Meeting Archive

Your Team Meeting Archive is the place where your team’s meeting notes (and team discussion on those notes) live. 

When anyone in the team saves a note, it is added to the Meeting Archive, allowing you to read about all the meetings you missed and contribute to team discussion.

3. Browse

Select a contact, organization, teammate or tag to view all meetings associated with that entity.

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